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February Bathroom Cleaning

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

If you live where it is cold and snowy sometimes you feel like just hibernating. 

I know I do. 🙂

February is actually a great month to clean out areas you neglect. Cleaning out the drawers and under the sink in the bathroom can be daunting.  Take everything out. Pile it onto of the sink and counter. If you haven’t used something in a year-do you need it?  Old makeup should be tossed. Combs and brushes that are tired should be tossed.  Get as much hair out of the brushes as possible, then soak the combs and brushes you want to keep in soapy water for an hour or so and  rinse well. If they still look dirty take a tooth brush

to the areas that are hard to reach.

Reorganize your cabinets.  Any boxes or baskets that can keep like items together are always very helpful. Keep in  mind if you don’t use something often and it really doesn’t need to be damp everyday from the steam of your bathroom, think about storing it in a linen closet or your bedroom.  Makeup should actually NOT be in the bathroom. Electronics should not be in there and prescription medicine shouldn’t either. Extra razors should not be in humidity, nor should jewelry or nail polish. Towels can get moldy.  Keep those circulating out of the bathroom. Many items do not do well with constant fluctuating temperatures and humidity.

Wipe down all the cabinets inside and out and apply a wood oil if you have wood in your bathroom.  Scrub around the toilet and baseboards.  Wash the floor.

Clean out the medicine cabinet. I know scary. Take it all out. Wipe it all down.  Get rid of things that over a year or two old.  Medicines should never get thrown out in the garbage or down the drain.  They reek havoc on the environment.  Instead take them to a place in your area that accepts old prescription medicines-pharmacies and the like. Every area is different so you would need to look that up on the web. Happy Cleaning!

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