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Taking down the Holiday Decorations

This is it! Taking down the holiday decorations can b

e a bear, but this is the best time to get it all organized.  I actually broke down and bought new ornament boxes. I am not sure why I though the old cardboard boxed could last more than 25 years. LOL. Many of them are made much better than they used to. Wreath bags and boxes are tremendous as well.  You are going to spend a little money and get the easiest decoration take down ever.

First either put on a movie you enjoy or crank some tunes (especially if you will be working outside). Keep in mind that things break.  If you don’t want to fix it, throw it out. DO NOT save it and think you will fix it when you opened the box again ths coming December. You will not do it.  Anything you are tired of that is still in fine shape-donate it. I have held on to a number of thing that actually make me sad. CRAZY.  Donated.

Lights are easily wrapped around a  piece of cardboard.  A large clear storage container is ideal for finding the bigger items again in the order you want to take them out. Use what you need. Clear is a game changer and makes the whole process easier.

Ornament boxes will keep the ornaments safe and separated. Put like ornaments near each other as the sort becomes easier.

Fake trees should be stored neatly so it will be easy to get out at the end of the year. And real trees need to be disposed of per your municipality.

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